arduino + python

Arduino is an open source piece of hardware that allows you to build something touchable directly from your imagination. You can check the technical description in their official web site. You can download Arduino IDE from the web site which makes things easier when hacking this beautiful green cookie. If you are learning python, and […]

setting up Eclipse IDE for Python

First of all, installed Eclipse 3.8.0 available at Ubuntu Software Center. Alternatively it would be possible to download it from Eclipse web site. After that, installed PyDev add-on. You can do it using the following procedure: Open Eclipse -> Help/Install New Software… -> Add… (at the top right) Name: PyDev Location: -> OK -> […]

choosing a python IDE for Ubuntu

I am looking for a free python IDE. Here are some alternatives I found, all available at Ubuntu Software Center: IDLE – terminal like IDE, good for learning and testing. SPE (Stani’s python Editor) – a python focused editor with many features that permit the development of more complex projects. It has auto-indentation, auto completion, […]