python – a new beginning

I keep coming back to Python programming, there is something like a magic call that keeps pulling me to dive into this (hello) world. I compare it with surfing, because I tried so many times, and I am able to stand up and catch some waves but I never keep up with it, I never […]

programming in scratch

I have finished and interesting and entertaining course. Scratch is a programming language designed by MIT for children between 8 and 16 years old, but actually I found it fun and useful for anyone who wants to start learning the basics of programming. It is also very fun for kids to do it along with […]

learning python for free

I just wanted to share three good web sites where you can start learning python: codecademy – a sequence of exercises where you can learn the programming language basics checkio – a game like web site, where you progress as you solve given exercises (accomplish missions) learn python the hard way – slow-paced programming language […]

xubuntu on Acer Aspire 5315 – overheating issue

I installed xubuntu on Acer Aspire 5315, and after ten minutes using the system it just powered off without notice. Sniffing the air I noticed a bit of a toast smell, yes, the laptop overheated, the fan was not working properly. The bios version was v1.33 and there is an update available, v1.45, that would solve […]

learning python and django

During my saga to keep alive on software development world, I have been following this tutorial for learning python/django, it is available online and it is free. On a first phase we are “obliged” to complete the requirements before dive into django lecture, and it consists in learning python principles through exercises replication and execution […]

arduino + python

Arduino is an open source piece of hardware that allows you to build something touchable directly from your imagination. You can check the technical description in their official web site. You can download Arduino IDE from the web site which makes things easier when hacking this beautiful green cookie. If you are learning python, and […]