converting old home made videos to digital

I gathered all the old VHS and 8mm video tapes that contain my family home made videos.

video tapes

Our first video camera was a VHS and it was acquired in the early nineties, around 1991.

The 8 mm video camera, acquired around 1998, was a Sony CCD-TR640E:

sony handycam

The Sony video camera is still working so I was able to use it for reading 8mm tapes. The VHS tapes were read by an old VHS video recorder that I already had, a Watson VHS PAL HQ:


To convert analogic video tapes to digital I bought a 116 from amazon, that also brings ArcSoft ShowBiz 3.5 software for video capture purposes. I used a Windows 7 machine to run this software and capture the videos. Besides this I also needed a 3 RCA plugs to 3 RCA plugs cable, and switchable scart adapter.

ez cap 116
For capturing VHS tape videos, I connected the scart adapter to the VHS video, the RCA cable connects in one end to the scart adapter and on the other end to the ezcap. The ezcap connects to the laptop via USB.

For capturing 8mm tape videos, is required a male to female RCA video and audio cables (yellow and black). So, connected the male end of the RCA cables to Sony video camera and the female end to the ezcap. The ezcap connects to the laptop via USB.

Now, I just needed to open the ArcSoft Showbiz software on my Windows 7 laptop, click “Capture”, choose the source USB, choose the save format, MPEG1 or MPEG2, and finally choose the folder on my hard drive where I wanted to save the video. After pressing play on the VHS recorder or 8mm video camera I could see the video rolling on my screen, clicked “Capture”, et voila.


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